Vibracathedral Orchestra: Wisdom Thunderbolt CD


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Wisdom Thunderbolt marks the triumphant return of Vibracathedral after over 3 years in the wilderness of intermittent performance, tangential projects, and unfindable limited editions. The 7 tracks on Wisdom are thee VCO’s most rocking dispatch ever, neatly combining the Ra-like collage of tracks like “Wisdom Thunderbolt” with the insistent jams of the pulsing “A Natural Fact” and “Order of the Broad Eraser.” “Ochre Dust” and “Rainbow Whirlwind” are more in the old-school VCO thick-blanket of sound, with an insistent tuned-percussion melody peeking out from the fog. After a surprise opening, “Sway-Sage” heaves with raucous drumming (courtesy of Magik Marker Pete Nolan) under the swells of sound. Hard to imagine, but this is the first widely-available (except for the compilation “Tuning to the Rooster”) music from the VCO since 2003’s “The Queen of Guess.” Music by Mick Flower, Bridget Hayden, Neil Campbell, and Adam Davenport. Guest appearances by Chris Corsano, Pete Nolan, John Godbert, and Matthew Bower. Cover art by HEXIT, in full color card folio printed by Stumptown.