Voidd: Desperate Truth 2CD


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1. Limited 1000 copies.
2. New art work and included foreward from Gezol (Sabbat, owner of Evil records).
3. Full discography from 1990~93
4. Official release date on 31th March 2012.

For fans of old school thrash death metal, bands like Slayer, Possessed, Sepultura …

The fast brutal and totally 80s old school Death Metal outfit VOIDD joins forces with AreaDeath Productions!! VOIDD is one of the most technical and well known Japanese death metal bands in the early 90s. The first album “Desperate Truth” was originally pressed on Evil Records in 1993, sold out many years ago. Re-released on vinyl by HMSS in 2007 only as a super limited number to 105 copies. For all of those that missed out, ADP present this gem with new cover art, extend layout/packaging, all lyrics & tons of rare photos. Double CD deluxe pack.

Remastered reissue plus bonus disc with 21 rare tracks from 1990 demo “Premonatry Inscription”, 1991 demo “Human Atrophy”, and 1992 demo “Pain” first time on CD format and as 3 songs from different compilation of early 90s. Tons of rare pic, flyer.​