Volcano The Bear: Egg and Two Books CD


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Egg And Two Books’ documents VTB at Leicester’s Phoenix Theatre in 2006, their first performance in four years as a full quartet. With Daniel Padden busy in Glasgow and Clarence Manuelo taking a sabbatical, the group had been performing as the duo of Aaron Moore and Nick Mott for some time, but the success of ‘Classic Erasmus Fusion’ seems to have galvanised the group into full scale performances once more. What’s most interesting is how Padden’s and Moore’s work outside the group has impacted on VTB. Paddens interest in folksong, clearly defined musical themes and acoustic improvisation is evident throughout. Moore, meanwhile, has been emboldened enough by his adventures in Dragon Or Emperor to introduce some Heavy Metal thunder into old favourites like “Hairy Queen”. Mott and Manuelo meanwhile ensure that the dada quotient remains high, with the latter’s tape manipulations coming across particularly strongly. Keith Moline / THE WIRE