Volcano The Bear: The Idea of Wood CD


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Textile records is proud to release the new challenging musical adventures from the British improvisational quartet Volcano The Bear.

Formed with the constant idea of being a group with uncompromising and boundless ideas, the quartet (Laurence Coleman, Nick Mott, Aaron Moore and Daniel Padden) is utterly beyond classification. This radical and unique music brought VTB to the attention of the more discerning.( Steven Stapleton asked the band to join the United Dairies family.)

Drawing on the work of Robert Wyatt, Faust or This Heat, the music of Volcano The Bear is the perfect combination of music and non music, melodies and free expression. The band creates a musical environment crossing composition with improvisation.
Filled with crackling electronics, rumbling percussion, unconventionally played guitars, manipulated vocal noises, distorted piano “The Idea of Wood” is an ideal mix of primitive folk, art rock and filmic sound sculpting.

Eccentric, hypnotic, mystic, but most of all truly incredible.