Vom: Primitive Arts CD


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First full-length album by this Glasgow-based post-goth trio, and one of my absolute favourite At War releases ever! Building on their two-track CDr on Kovorox from a couple of years ago, Vom have come out with a much more attractive proposition than the metal/krautrock hybrid which was going on there; this album is much more focussed, dark and heavy. In fact it’s as brooding and dripping with dark atmosphere as anything I’ve heard released in ages. Like a hybrid of Scream-era Siouxsie And The Banshees, early X-Mal Deustchland and the first Killing Joke LP, with vocals buried deep in the mix and heavily distorted (think Ramleh’s early post-PE stage), Vom reference a lot of music yet sound nothing like you’ve ever heard. Total intensity and they deserve to be huge; hopefully this will be the first step on the jourey.
500 copies, in gatefold mini LP-style sleeves, with art by the excellent Fred Ressler (check him out here:www.outsiderart.co.uk/ressler.htm )