Weepikes: We Are Weepikes MCD

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Really crooked, semi-melodic ultra-distorted guitar/noise rock with a lot of bizarre harmony, volume and edge.,
Weepikes came to being in Helsinki, in 1994. The band was active for three years and called it a day in December 1997 at the 10th anniversary party for the legendary Bad Vugum label.

In the fall of 2010, it was decided that the Weepikes story needed another chapter. Except for the drummer, the lineup was the same. The sources of musical inspiration the band swears by have also remained the same over the years, so everyone had some kind of idea of what the reactivated band might sound like. Back in the day a journalist described Weepikes’ style as PRONK. It’s a handy term you can project your own meanings on. The band likes to think of itself as an amalgam of punk and progressive rock.

In late 2010 a message hit the band’s MySpace inbox out of the blue and from across the pond. It was sent by legendary engineer/producer/musician Kramer, the man behind the Shimmy Disc label, part of bands such as Bongwater, Shockabilly, Ween as well as The Butthole Surfers, and producer for Galaxie 500, Low, Half Japanese, White Zombie, Urge Overkill and 22-Pistepirkko… among others. Kramer was full of praise for the band’s EPs, released in the 90s on Bad Vugum and Trash Can Records, and wanted to work with the band. New songs were recorded in Helsinki over the summer of 2011. Kramer mixed and mastered them in Florida at his own Noise Miami studios. The fruits of this cooperative labor are available for all to hear in 2012.