When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth: Peaced LP


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In the bands own words :

“This album was recorded in our practice space in the month of April 2010. We were very drunk, and very stoned. We’ve recorded quite a bit of stuff before, but this recording actually captures realistically what we do and how we do it. Cheap, loud, and drunk”

What are some bands that have inspired WDRTE?

“Well, to be honest we tried to make the album sound like Mainliner, but I kind of missed on the drum sound. On accident I ripped off that Yung Joc song “It’s Goin Down” — it was my ring tone when I made up the riff for “Conjurin’.” Definitely some Drunkdriver and Mayyors ripoffs in there also. I will say that I don’t really know what I’m doing when it comes to recording, and I was drunk when I did it.”

Tracklisting :

A1. You’ve Got Male
A2. Selected For Jerry Duty
A3. Cum Lake
B1. Conjurin’
B2. Closet Athlete

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