Wraiths: The Grey Emperor CD


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At long last: the Grey Emperor has arrived! This material was finished some time ago but the packaging has been so expensive and taken so long that it’s been delayed massively.
Wraiths have been one of my favourite bands in the UK for a long time now and were one of my highlights of Glasgow Implodes last year, and it’s been a pleasure to share a stage with them on several occasions now. The Grey Emperor is a real statement of intent, and shows that Wraiths are miles ahead of the rest of the drone pack with an album that is utterly drenched in dark, oppresive atmosphere and gives a genuinely creepy experience to the listener. So often Wraiths’ drone kin come out with a “volume over everything else” mantra and what they do so effectively on this release is to build up tension, atmosphere, sheer black MALICE throughout the (one track’s!) 60 minute running time. Less is more, and from the repetitive drum beats at the start to the howling crescendo, the constrictive anxiety of the music is never comprimised. You won’t find a horn section or guest vocalists here, just total ritualistic drone evil. HAIL!

500 copies, comes in an A3 textured card gatefold wallet with the CD mounted inside, held together with a wax seal (gold, silver or red) and inside a thick A3 PVC wallet. Completely hand-made packaging in every way, which my incredibly burnt fingers will attest to!