AIDS Wolf: March To The Sea LP

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AIDS Wolf was birthed into the heady days of Montreal’s millennial music scene. Yannick Desranleau (aka Hiroshima Thunder) and Chloe Lum began the band in 2003. Unlike most of the local units finding fame out in the world beyond Quebec, AIDS Wolf pushed an abrasive, unforgiving and rather unwieldy sound around North America in a battered van.

AIDS Wolf has formalized its sound into a tight construction relying on intentional dissonance, polyrhythms and disjunctive compositional forms. The band takes its cues from “classic” New York No Wave, 90’s Midwestern No Wave, vegan cooking, 70’s proto-punk, Beefheartian modes, Ville-Marie school of white elephant architecture, Literature,, post-war continental modern composition and their unrivaled network of friends and acquaintances the world over.