Arachnoid: Arachnoid LP

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This one-off is an impressive effort that rides the line between Magma’s brutalist zeuhl-ishnessand the more conventional (if you can call it that!) dramatic prog of bands like Ange. Some albums just have a mood, and I have to say this band and album are well-named, because there’s something slinky and slithery about the first track, “Le Chamadère”, which sort of slimes its along along a chimy guitar lick and rough, spooky keyboards. Then things get really scary as the singer starts freaking out in a most over-the-top fashion that puts the rest of these French dramatists to shame. The rest of the album is a mixed bag but still with that nightmarish vibe, even on quieter tracks like the ballad “In the Screen Side of Your Eyes”, featuring some flute as well. The vocals are totally outta control, which seems to be a hallmark of the French scene! Perhaps it’s the 1979 release date that helps provide a cold, almost post-punk energy to these proceedings. I imagine the band scared itself so badly that it had to break up. In any case, a fine album well worth searching out.