Babylon Whores: Pride of the Damned 6LP BOX SET

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-Mithraic oxblood red vinyl

Luxurious box set with six LPs, 100 page book and a poster.

Available editions:
100 x silvery grey
200 x Mithraic oxblood red
300 x black

The last of the old school and a cult band with a capital C, Finland’s Babylon Whores never played it safe. They brought danger back to rock’n’roll, fusing it with the rougher edge of metal and intelligent lyrics with carefree ease and just a dash of black humour to balance the weighty themes drawn from worlds of occultism, diabology, and occidental history. They called it “a shotgun marriage of Heaven and Hell” back in the day, and the mixture has lost none of its potency. Quite the opposite: predating the present occult rock boom by over a decade, the Whores have been rightly recognised as one of the great originals of the late nineties, and in the intervening years demand for reprints of their trailblazing albums has grown exponentially.
Svart Records is proud to present a carefully curated box set containing all the available Babylon Whores material ranging from obscure demos and compilation appearances to the three-full length albums on six slabs of pitch-black, Mithraic oxblood red and silvery-grey brilliance. Completing the box is a 100-page book with many rare photographs including unused promo shots, interviews, and an in-depth band history by Mikko Mattila of Isten ‘zine documenting the entirety of the unusual and rather colourful career of the band all the way to their legendary ‘secret’ gigs in later years. Many contemporaries, label-mates and folks otherwise connected with Babylon Whores chip in with their reminiscences and assessments of the Babylonian legacy, including current and ex-members of bands such as Mayhem, The Black League, Sunn O))), Hexvessel, Endvra, Saturnalia Temple, Therion, Deathchain, & more. The box also includes the classic Cold Heaven band photo as a poster.