Bacon and Egg: …Are Fanduvo CD


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Bacon and Egg is a hip-hop metal journey through the wastelands of New Jersey’s and Washington’s stripmall towns, BMX paths, and video game parlours. It’s a lifestyle record, if you will, plum full of self-references, rhymin’, stealin’ and tight lead work. Bacon, Egg and their partner Biscuit are all members of Missoula stalwart wavers Volumen. Bacon and Egg, aren’t just a project. This is very much a living, breathing, rocking band with it’s own life. “…Are Fanduvo” was recorded down in San Francisco by their pal Tim Green and the thing is sonically amazing. Perhaps this might be best enjoyed while staring at some kind of Spencer Gifts-purchased lazer show from the middle of a water bed.

RIYL: Volumen, Beastie Boys, Judas Priest, Ween, Run DMC