Buzzov•en: Violence From The Vault CD

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Buzzoven’s classic lineup may have splintered long ago but material recorded after the benchmark Sore album is now released as Violence from the Vault. It contains what you’d expect from Buzzoven’s early years, but the sound is even dingier and dirtier. Short tracks including “Paintake” and “I Never” roll with the rambling chaos of G.G. Allin and The Murder Junkies. The riff on “Mainline” will leave you with a case of thrombosis. “Nod” is a maddening nearly 15-minute paean to heroin abuse that rambles, leaving the comatose feeling common among hardcore junkies. Inhuman levels of feedback and distortion color the entire album. Describing the production as primitive might be kind — not that it matters when sludge is on the playlist. If you like Buzzoven then Violence From The Vault will be a welcome addition to your collection. It’s a piece of history from one of sludge’s storied bands.