Circle: Infektio CD


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A new Circle album is always something to look forward to, and you never know what these Finnish gentlemen are gonna come up with. Will it be heavy metal? Krautrock? Soundscapes? Psych?You can be rest assured it sounds out of this world, weird and beautiful. If there would be such a thing as an atypical Circle album, Infektio might be just that. The kings of the New Wave of Finnish Heavy Metal deliver an introspective album, which sounds like it was recorded under the Aurora Borealis lit polar skies. Organic, free and primitive and do I need to mention: absurd. Largely instrumental, on Infektio Circle creates a mellow caveman kind of jam but manages to sound mechanically precise leaving the repetitive Circle’s classic motorik machine stylings behind. The past 20 years they have mastered every style they have approached and Infektio is yet another piece of music to highlight their hazy, oft-noisy primitive psych direction . Infektio is a new album full of shimmering bliss of what probably is one of the most interesting bands in the world. (LP in a limited edition of 500, NOT AVAILABLE YET!)