Dimidium Mei: Flames Of Hatred CD

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Polish Black metal quartet Dimidium Mei fire up the chaos and terror whilst blasting the new modern black metal sound, an epic scenario unfolds as Raw Black metal vocals are produced amongst the traditional blastbeats and slow percussive drums that the Norwegians have so perfected with bands like Gorgoroth and Taake. This is the Polish equivalent of Gorgoroth, only difference is no satanic lyrics. Gritty guitars also supply the dark frosty approach from this quartet, unleashing the evil within Poland and decapitating all mainstream music of today. An album that is likened to the backbone of Behemoth and the flesh of Varg Vikernes and Gaahl stitched together. Dimidium Mei are one band from Poland that can be called ‘True Kvlt’. Assume battle positions. It should also be noted, there is only 500 copies of this release.
Rhys Stevenson