Hell Darkness: Rockin’ Underground CD


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“Their new album ’Rockin Underground’ I’ve been listened to A lot lately, extremely dirty rockin’ stuff, it like the most black n’roll riffs of Hellhammer and Darkthrone played by Lemmy in 1980 and sung by ‘Bestial Devastation’-era Max Cavalera! This one’s for the unbooooooorn!!!” Who the fuck are we to question Fenriz’s taste when it comes to dirty, ripping, alcohol-fuelled and truly PISSED OFF metal?! TANGORODRIM may be no more and lying six feet under but mainman Heller is still mad at this plastic thing some dare calling today’s metal and is eager to show the world that REAL metal ain’t about triggers, pristine production and nice along choruses for the chicks but balls, groove and of course thy mighty RIFF.

So fuck the trends, fuck the PC-concerned and fuck YOU! Even more than TANGORODRIM, HELL DARKNESS is the real deal. No wonder that three songs, out of seven, featured on this debut album (after one first two-tracks EP on Doomentia last year, ‘Heartfelt’) has the word ‘metal’ included in their titles. Stuck in the dirty basement of the 80’s and proud of it, if the name itself or Heller’s overall ballsy attitude (posers, leave the fucking hall, like NOW!) didn’t tipped you enough already, the best way to enjoy ‘Rockin’ Underground’ is to sewn a brand-new NASTY SAVAGE patch on your old leather jacket while drinking cheap beers and cranking this motherfucker loud as fuck! And if you know everything this band stands against, just remember the immortal words of Nocturno Culto circa 2006, seemingly written for HELL DARKNESS: “you call your metal black/it’s just plastic lame and weak”

Released by Doomentia