Hey Colossus/Field Boss split 7″


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Great split from two of the UK’s most exciting heavy bands, perfectly complimenting one another!
I’ve been following Hey Collosus sice they first started and it’s a real honour to have them on the label. As usual, they don’t do things straight, and what we have here is a slo-mo cover of Andre Williams’ Jailbait, battered into submission by HC’s trademark downbeat dirge. The Blues on downers.
Field Boss are bloody brilliant. The band previously known as Tractor have been knockig around for a few years but this is their first “proper” release. It reminds me a lot of early Unsane; they’ve got that Am-Rep sound down to an absolute tee, really thick guitars, monotonous, hollowed-out drum sound and in-the-red vocals pushed down in the mix. I can hear the first Fudge Tunnel record (surely one of the most overlooked albums ever?!) in there as well. “I got a headache on my birthday”. Fits it perfectly, brilliant!

300 copies on heavy black vinyl. Three-panel screen-printed cover, metallic ink, co-release with Crucificiados Pelo Sistema and Black Hozions.