Zarach ‘Baal’ Tharagh – Eternal Darkness CD

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New collection of long out-of-print demos from the French master of bedroom black metal, ZBT! This is totally raw stuff, utterly devoid of production values and often, song structure. This disc comprises some of ZBT’s more considered, “musical” demos, from the repetitive dirge of “Primitive Era”, the unrestrained wail and incoherence of “Apocalypse” to the thrash-esque precise riffing of “El Borak”. While this is often a difficult listen, the riffs are fucking great – opener “In Your Grave” is total Vulcano/Sarcofago-style South American-influenced filth – and the underground attitude and amateurish sound contributes to the true black metal atmosphere that so may lack these days. ZBT is obviously influenced by Les Legiones Noires, with jarring tremolo guitar, off-kilter production and is as mysterious and just plain weird as those bands were. For fans of bedroom BM like Striborg or cult LLN such as Mutiilation, Belketre etc.
Classic B&W art in tribute to the old masters! This is a full CD, NOT CDr.