Iron Dogs: Cold Bitch LP (red vinyl)


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– Re-Press Of The Sold Out Debut LP
– 350g Gatefold Jacket
– 140g Red Vinyl
– A3 Poster On 150g Art Paper
– Limited To 500 Copies

You can probably bet they got their name from a song off of the first Exciter album, but then again maybe I’m wrong and just going off of instinct. Iron Dogs offer a solid retro sound that instead of trying to ape old German thrash or Nuclear Assault like so many other bands, take a more NWOBHM-ish style that hearkens back to Paul Di’Anno-era Iron Maiden and throws in subtleties of punkish thrash to boot. Now we all know I worship at the altar of Iron Maiden and put them above all other musical acts, so that could very well be a bold statement that I just made. Let us dig further to reveal…

Production-wise, it’s neither clear as crystal nor does it sound like it was recorded in a bathroom, so it straddles that happy medium of production quality that oftentimes works like a charm, as in right here. Kicking off with “Razors of Doom”, one can hear a slight Misfits hint and also the same within the closer “Another Night”, which seems to take Di’Anno and Danzig and meld them together with nothing short of perfection. There are some pretty gallopy bass chords (where have I heard those before, hmm?) in the track “Twins of Evil” as well as on “Crom Crauch”, which also has some riot vocals, something we don’t hear too often anymore but always has a welcome place in my heart. The real highlight on the album though has got to be “Wrath of the Barbarians”, with its basstastic crushing chords and fast, thrashy romp that would immediately get any crowded room riled up and ready to stomp some skulls. Trust me, it’s so good, you’ll hit “REPEAT” at least a few times before moving forward!

A wonderfully rowdy and catchy and album that delivers on all levels, let’s just say I’ve spun in from start to finish about 10 times now and it isn’t leaving the CD player anytime soon! Nine songs coming in at just over 33 minutes are plenty enough to feel just right and also leaving you wanting, wanting MUCH more of this badass sound! I can’t wait to see what they deliver next and I think that this trio could definitely be destined for some serious greatness! (FA)

(Forbidden Magazine)