Krypt Axeripper: Mechanical Witch CDEP


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What’s that I hear? The Earth itself shakes and shivers, as if in fear! There’s an evil sound, carried by the wind… The sound of a thousand thundering hooves, galloping on a field of broken bones and helmets…

Oh, no… The Riders of Death! Coming from the Paradise!

Krypt did not want to be forgotten… He will not be forgotten! Therefore, anno domini 2007, the world will see Krypt Axeripper and his mechanical nightmares unearthed from the dusty depths of the Ektro Records Archives. Krypt rides again! N.W.O.F.H.M.!!!


Elektro records from Finland is a label that tries to promote “NWOFHM” (that’s right: New Wave Of Finnish Heavy Metal) through enigmatic groups like Circle and Pharaoh Overlord. With a big fat pinch of salt, that has to be mentioned. The “Fraggle-rock” by the duo Krypt Axeripper is part of that scene, and should not be taken too seriously either.

The four songs of this EP hold übermetal titles like ‘Battle Of The Axehammer’, and ‘High Speed Thunder Forever Gone’ which sound a lot like the jazzy space-punk their labelmates Circle play when they are not tripping on mushrooms. It is not interesting really, and the fun of this EP is mostly in the silly metal image (just check the tough metal logo). Just keep in mind these guys are in fact a bunch of nerdy freaks, addicted to the smell of ’70’s vinyl. People that appreciate Circle have a nice snack with this EP, but on the whole one should not take this little “NWOFHM” band too seriously.
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(Jasper / Lords of Metal)


Us reviewers usually get a kick out of labels’ promo sheets, trying to sell a band as the next big thing, something truly original, pioneering or outstanding. In the case of KRYPT AXERIPPER I am getting one hell of a kick out of a review that was written about this very EP and even though normally try to stay away from other reviews before writing mine, but the discrepancy between it and my personal experience with this is just too hilarious not to make use of it.

I had debated, if I should reveal the identity of the other reviewer, but as I am taking quotes I figure that it is common courtesy to give credit, where credit is due, so my inspiration for this review is the critique by DJ Astro of Psychotropic Zone magazine. He claims that this EP “is true 80’s styled Heavy Metal”. Furthermore he admits “I can’t think of any specific influences right away, maybe I should ask from some expert on this genre or check out my own collections.” Now I’ve been listening to Metal for close to 20 years and this is no true Heavy Metal, yet his admitting to maybe ask an expert hints that he’s in over his head, maybe?

Anyways, he claims that KRYPT AXERIPPER has “solid heavy riffing”, melodic vocals and sounds like very good Epic Metal, about “riff machines”, after hearing “Mechanical Witch” myself I am wondering myself, which CD he (or she) heard, because this does not sound like any of what was described… Many people use the word “obscure” for quirky music, but this gives “obscure Metal” a completely new meaning, allegedly there is some stuff from 1983 on this EP, but seriously, this outright weird kind of Rock sounds as if recorded on a bad LSD trip, with an average song length of two and a half minutes it brings odd rhythms, discordant guitars and even weirder vocals together to form, well, I am not even sure what this forms…
(The Metal Observer)