Lusiferiinin Armosta: Nuolee CD


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Lusiferiinin Armosta is a trio which comprises guitarist/vocalist Jussi Lehtisalo (of Circle, Pharaoh Overlord and Rättö ja Lehtisalo) and the fumbling rhythm section of Tuomas Laurila and Eetu Henttonen. The musical output of this group consists of spontaneus outbursts of inspiration, channelled through the traditional tools of rock music. Nuolee is the spearhead of the new wave of noise schlager, an album of opposites on which elements that logically should negate each other continue to live in harmony instead – creating a unique monster in the process.

With one foot on the throbbing jugular of distorted Finnish rock, the other in the tumble dryer of the noise scene of 1980’s New York, the band clears the path it has chosen with the ferocity of a cornered hamster.

Nuolee is a creaking pile of rusted junk, ready to topple. But every now and then, something pure glitters somewhere within its depths.

Jussi Lehtisalo – guitar and vocals
Eetu Henttonen – bass guitar
Tuomas Laurila – drums