Millennium: Millennium CD

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One of the best British Metal / New Wave Of British Heavy Metal releases!

“Millennium” includes the same-titled album (originally released in 1984) and 8 previously unreleased bonus tracks from the 80s and the bands demo tapes.

Original “Millennium” albums is considered as one of the best New Wave Of British Heavy Metal albums and this is the first time of its official CD release, remastered.

01. Gang War
02. A Will To Survive
03. Magic Mirror
04. The Devil Rides Out
05. The Traveller
06. Steal Your Heart
07. Demons Of The Light
08. Rock Was Meant For Me
09. Armageddon
10. Try To Leave Me
11. Mutiny
12. Metal Storm
13. Kill Or Be Killed
14. Slaughterhouse
15. Cradle To The Grave
16. A.I.D.S.
17. Confession
18. The Beast Will Command