Mother Susurrus: Maahaavaa CD


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Eerie, tribal chanting and rhythmic convulsions. Bass roars out of an unexplored abyss and manic drum thunder morphs into a meditative knell. A ghastly wail induces strong hallucinatory effects while two guitars churn an alien maelstrom of sound.

This is a heavy psychedelica five-piece called Mother Susurrus from Tampere, Finland. The shady bunch has released a self-titled EP in 2010, which garnered a lot of praise from critics and public alike. After many passionate live performances and a colorful songwriting process, the band found themselves tangled in the cosmic webs of Ektro Records, the home for such avant-rock legends as Circle and Pharaoh Overlord. The astronomical objects were perfectly aligned for Mother’s debut album.

On Maahaavaa, Mother Susurrus delivers an inspiring mixture of hypnotic rock and erratic acid-molten metal – always aiming at artistic progression and unpredictability. The album was recorded and mixed using fully analog gear by Tapio Lepistö of Black Floyd’s Analogiäänipaja. In addition, virtuoso jouhikko player Pekko Käppi lays his divine flavorings on the third track, Anagnorisis. Maahaavaa CD is released on March 28th. Vinyl version is coming out later this year.