Oceanwake: Kingdom CD

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“Icebergs break off glaciers. Islands sink beneath the waters. Shores face
the killer waves that reach far into the inland. It’s the final day and the
tempestuous oceans have awoken to witness the birth of a new kingdom.”

It’s hard to define the genre that Oceanwake falls into. Established some
three years ago in the idyllic yet eccentric seaside town of Luvia,
Finland, this new outfit consists of musicians with somewhat diverse
backgrounds. Thus, it’s no surprise that they do offer quite a refreshing
approach to metal music.

Based around slow death/doom metal riffs and a notable absence of clean
vocals, their material incorporates elements of prog rock, psychedelia,
black metal, post rock – even country. So far, “arctic experimental metal”
is perhaps the most befitting description of their style of music.