Shaved Women: Shaved Women 7″


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Here is the much anticipated second 7” from St. Louis’ SHAVED WOMEN. It is a harsh tale of disillusionment told in three new hope-crushing pummelers. The opening track ANXIETY careens out the gate with desperate mania; offering the same thick, frustrated sound that earned their previous records references to BLACK FLAG and THE JESUS LIZARD and continues as the second track kicks off in blistering fury. Halfway through the 7”, however, PRESSURES breaks down with the pace and ferocity of a whip self-flagellated. Golly, things are getting heavy, man. Long standing as a favorite live set closer and one horse-pill dose of a downer, ADULTHOOD finds the Women trading speed and vitriol for shades of sludge and self-loathing. It’s despair and self-defeat mantras cycle and redouble with heaving, head-banging repetition summoning an end to such youthfully quaint ideals like Self-Improvement, Happiness or A Future Worth Living.