Sudö: Caligula CD


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Sudö is a new super line-up in primitive blues and hypnotic psychedelia. Here you may hear the late 1960’s era Can shaking hands with John Cipollina of Quicksilver Messenger Service, a pale mosquito bitten Nordic trio paddling through brooks of flowing guitarism towards swampy Beefheartian delta. Petri Hagner (guitar, keyboards, vocals), one of the masterminds in the classic Circle line-up of mid-1990’s, since then a student and a graduate of the celebrated Lodz Film School has decisively navigated his own way up to the present in both film and music. This is audible in the multidimensional, layered compositions of the group Sudö. Tuomas Niskanen – who is known as the fierce solo guitarist of Rättö ja Lehtisalo and Eleanoora Rosenholm – now uncovers the more profound and delicate side of his exceptional artistic compulsion. Tuomas Laurila – éminence grise of Circle, drummer of Lusiferiinin Armosta and Slussenanalys – with his peculiar, angular drum beat sets the landing pad for the nimble-footed spider that Hagner and Niskanen create with their Fender hand tools.