Superchrist: Back & Black CD

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SUPERCHRIST’s second studio album, BACK & BLACK was released by the band itself in CD-R format in 2003, to much praise in the Chicago Metal scene and everywhere else it reached. BESTIAL ONSLAUGHT is now proud to issue BACK & BLACK on a pro-CD, presenting this soon-to-be-classic fist-banging Heavy Metal rocker with a brand-fuckin’-new layout. Chris Black, Hank Bitchlover and Whorepuncher slam their way through 9 original meaty cuts, including signature SUPERCHRIST tracks like “Stand Up And Shit”, “Make You Famous”, and “Old, Fast, And Hard”. The set is rounded out nicely by a cover each from MOTORHEAD and IRON MAIDEN, effectively invoking the spirits of ’79 and ’83 respectively. Go BACK & BLACK with SUPERCHRIST today… Cause you know you’ve got to be antisocial, antisociety!