Sweet Savage: Killing Time CD

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Sweet Savage – 1996 comeback album from the infamous NWOBHM group that recorded the all-time classic “Killing Time” back in the early 80s, which was later made semi-famous as a Metallica cover version. This album remains true to the style that made them a name and kicks off with their own re-recorded version of the title track. Lots of these tracks were written in the early 80s I think. Overall it does have an updated sound with heavy bite to it ala Megadeth or Metallica.

Killing Time
Welcome To The Real World
Eye Of The Storm
Parody Of Wisdom
Prospector Of Greed
The Raid
Reach Out
Ground Zero

“Killing Time” by legendary Irish NWOBHM band Sweet Savage! This one finds the band rerecording some of their better known moments from the past, polishing up some compositions from yesteryear which never saw the light of day at the time, and pounding home some brand new compositions to boot!
Although the bands sound has been upgraded for modern audiences they also manage to remain true to their 80’s roots and the album’s a surprising success.
Includes the song that Metallica have covered twice in their releases (B side singe + Garage double CD)