The Hormonauts: Spanish Omelette LP + CD

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Fifth album. This beautiful, varied and innovative album, mixes, like a crazed blender, a myriad of stiles and genres, from Rockabilly to Electronica, dropping quotes and upturning stones from musics vast history, but never straying so far from the roots as to be forced or convoluted. Joining the usual trio of Andy (voice and guitar), Sasso (double-bass) and Pinna (Drums) on this adventure, is English DJ, Kenny Diezel (one of the original members of the Mutoid Waste Company- a collective of post-industrial sculptors and artists of which Andy is also a part). This album is an extremely clever mix (at moments reminiscent of Becks “Mellow Gold” and “Odeley”) in which distant and almost irreconcilable sounds are juxtaposed entirely naturally and coherently. Theres a bit of everything in there-Rock, Folk, Pop, Punk, Electronic-all executed by the band with great maturity and originality, constantly pulling something new out of their top-hat, song after song. The lyrics are cryptic and ironic, from a self efacing Andy Macfarlane, the Scottish band-leader who arrived in italy as a busker 16 years ago.