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“Thunderstryke”, the new studio album of THOR — the Canadian heavy metal band led by vocalist, performer and bodybuilder Jon Mikl Thor!

Jon Mikl Thor has an impressive discography that includes a bunch of albums (among them the legendary “Only The Strong” LP from 1985 and the classic debut “Keep The Dogs Away” from 1977), singles, and various compilations and special releases. Now the king of “muscle rock” returns with a new album that includes both new and old but previously unreleased rearranged tracks from the ’70s and early ’80s. Songs like “Der Thunderstryker”, “Ceremony Of The Godz”, “Megaton Man”, “Metal Warriors” will surely be well received by all fans of the classic and unique THOR style.

“Thunderstryke” track listing:

01. Collider
02. Der Thunderstryker
03. Hey With You
04. Metal Warriors
05. High Times
06. Rock ‘N Roll
07. Flight To The Stars / Warriors Of The Universe
08. Megaton Man
09. Gladiator’s Arena
10. Lady
11. That Girl Is Poison
12. Across The Sky
13. Now Comes The Storm (with “Thunder On The Tundra” Riff)
14. We Came Here
15. Ceremony Of The Gods