Toxaemia: Buried to Rise: 1990-1991 Discography 2CD


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After 20 years, Toxaemia’s complete material is finally released on CD. During their tenure from 1989 to 1991, Toxaemia released two demos (Kaleidoscopic Lunacy and Buried to Rot) and one classic 7″ on Seraphic Decay titled Beyond the Realm. This recording later appeared on the Seraphic Decay CD sampler, the only time Toxaemia’s material appeared on CD…until now!

While Toxaemia was an early pioneer in the Swedish scene, they did not follow in the footsteps of the majority of their peers. Instead of borrowing the “Sunlight sound”, Toxaemia’s influences came from the American death metal scene and classic-era thrash, which can be heard clearly in their music.

During the remix/remaster session for this release “Force of Plague” was discovered on one of the master tapes. This song, “The Acquisition” and three other songs that were scheduled to be included on a second 7″ release but never came to fruition, are included with all other material released by the band.

In all, 18 tracks of pure classic-era Swedish death metal are included on this 2CD totaling nearly 70 minutes. Yes, this could fit on one CD but we have turned this release into a special double disc release. Disc one contains Toxaemia’s complete discography remix and remastered by the legendary Dan Swanö while disc two contains those SAME songs in their original, untouched state! This is sure to please everyone.

This all comes housed with a 12-page booklet in classical “cut and paste” style including liner notes from Pontus Cervin (bassist) and Dan Swanö. Additionally, original band photos and lyric sheets can be found in this fitting layout. Highly recommended for DEATH METAL FANS!