V/A: Metal Armada Of Karthago’s Dragons CD

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1 –Zarpa: Crystal Viper Warriors (English Version)
2 –Crystal Viper: Out There- Survivors
3 –Existence: Sword In My Hand
4 –Ravage: The End Of Tomorrow
5 –Piel De Serpiente: El Huracan (Demo Version)
6 –Pertness: Religious Liberty
7 –Deja Vu: Metalhead (Live)
8 –Ear Danger: Beelzebub’s Friends
9 –Overdrive: Louis IX
10 –Gallows Pole: Run For Cover (Version 2008)
11 –Black Hawk: Let Me Know
12 –Burner: Razor Wire Rock
13 –Ritual Steel: Knights Of Steel
14 –Black Angels: Gonna Run
12 –Buffalo: Cold As Night
13 –Area: Killer