Lord Fist: Green Eyleen CD


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”Through time and space, conscious and subconscious, there flows a secret stream. The metaphysical river of steel, timelesness and mysticism. The stream of Heavy.”

Inside this record, there is preserved a journey. An epic journey on this everflowing stream of Heavy Metal. The soul of this music is like a hidden valley in the flames of war. True, hidden and timeless, now finally grown ready to rise to glory.

There are riffs, towering beyond the highest northern peaks, making the world tremble and crack, revealing the core essence of Heavy.

It provides a path and a vision not faltering to fillers or mediocrity. This is the champion, the standard-bearer in these weary times. The New Wave of Great Heavy Metal.

”In these times of confusion only few still stand
But LORD FIST is here with the sword and chains in hand
Race in the north is about to begin
Come forth now warrior child, let the power in
It is time to see what lies at the Mystic River’s End”