Metalucifer: Heavy Metal Bulldozer CD

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At this point, the name and intent of Japan’s Metalucifer are well-known and there is little need for elaboration here. Released in 2009, “Heavy Metal Bulldozer” is the third proper full-length from the Sabbatical Heavy Metal Warriors. Although it comes nearly a decade after their last full-length, it is arguably the most fully realized manifesto of these generals in Neal Tanaka’s army. “Heavy Metal Bulldozer” finds Gezol, Elizabigore, and Elizaveat delving further into the legacy of early 1980’s heavy metal. However tongue-in-cheek the result may be, the band’s dedication and authenticity render this album among the best in that style. This vinyl edition contains the original Japanese version of the album. The lyrical delivery in Japanese is obviously the most fluid and natural of the three versions and affords the listener the chance to be consumed with the feel of the music without lyrical distraction.