Pagan Altar: Judgement Of The Dead CD


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“Judgement of the Dead” stands out as the authentic conception of Pagan Altar’s first full length album.
After years of bootlegged demo tapes the band decided to break the silence and gather original material recorded during the early 80’s to later release the cd “Volume I” in 1998.
With the addition of the song “March of the Dead”, re-recorded in 2004, the album is finally complete. Originally released on vinyl by Black Widow and re-released by Buried by Time and Dust “Judgement of the Dead” delivers a great mix of atmospheric and dark tones together with intricate guitar work and developing structures.
While going through the tracks you can’t help but travelling with your mind to the Nunhead cemetery, (portrayed in many band’s pictures, and a well-known source of inspiration for singer and band co-founder Terry Jones’ lyrics), to feel the deep enchantment and yet powerful blast of the music.

Includes the original cover artwork, remastered sound and 16-page booklet !