Thor: Live in Detroit CD


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“Thor´s Live in Detroit is one of the Greatest Lost Milestones in the
Saga of Heavy Metal. This special re-release, originally from 1985,
includes exclusive bonus tracks, some of them never heard before. Live
in Detroit is a guaranteed power trip to the Golden Age of Metal. Metal
Madness!” (Partawarrior)


“While Thor stood out front roaring to the crowds with his mighty vocals, Steve Price gave incredible superhuman shredding performances as he wailed on his guitar. Mike Favata supplied the backbeat, pounding the drums into submission with his furious assault. Keith Zazzi was superior on his weapon, the bass, as well as raunchy backing vocals. Pantera supplied all the sultry sexiness of a female goddess and warrior as she sang backing vocals while she seduced the throngs of adoring fans. What Kerrang magazine said of Pantera was that she had “the biggest bristols in rock”. In British terms they meant the largest breasts to ever grace the stage.”


Jon Mikl THOR is an enduring icon of glam rock/metal, and one of the true originators of rock theatre. THOR’s enviable career got off the ground with his appearance on the Merv Griffin Show in 1973 and he has maintained a steady pace ever since, selling hundreds of thousands of records. Over the last three decades, THOR has explored the tongue-in-cheek Sweet/Mott the Hoople/Bowie stylings, hard hitting metal moves of the 80’s, and flirting briefly with Nu-Rock/Metal in the late 90’s.

Starting out in Vancouver, THOR first made waves in the bodybuilding world, becoming Mr. Canada and Mr. USA, always using heavy music as an intensive training tool. He blended his powerful physique with powerful rock, and thus began this amazing cult legend’s long reign in the hazy area between superstardom and the dark underground.

Along the way he has become a movie actor and producer, turning out collectible classics like “Rock & Roll Nightmare”, “Zombie Nightmare”, “Graveyard”, and others. Most recently, THOR appeared in the USA Network movie “Murder At The Presidio”, the recent Lifetime Network TV movie “A Family Lost”, and starred in “The Intercessor”. And even more movie news will be released soon. (Keep checking for updates).

THOR is still an immensely powerful man in incredible shape and a dedicated performer. Blowing up hot water bottles, bending steel, and having cinder blocks broken over his chest are all in a night’s work. THOR has successfully managed to re-invent himself once again. The legions of fans are still there and new generations are finding out for themselves that THOR is just as cool now as he ever was in 1978, 1985, or 1999.

THOR was voted one of the Greatest 100 Frontmen of All Time in the July, 2004 edition of the UK’s Classic Rock Magazine – a list compiled by polling professional Rock journalists. (taken from